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Calling Christian Dean & Alice

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Two of the winners in the ‘prize draw’ from a couple of blog threads ago (Christian Dean and Alice) haven’t replied to emails asking for their addresses to post the CD. If you’re there, CD & A - check your in-boxes! If the emails somehow didn’t get through to you, please post on this thread to let us know - though we can only identify you by the email addresses you originally used to post, so if you send in a new email address, please quote the previous one for security (that won’t be published on the blog).

If we don’t hear from either of these winners before Monday 28th March, we’ll draw two new winners out of the hat!

UPDATE [MONDAY 28th March}: Well, we never heard from Christian Dean, so there’s been another draw and the new winner of the final CD is Trevor Hogg. Trevor: assuming you used the right email address when posting, an email is on the way to you, asking for your postal address for the prize.

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Ken Singtone at 5:16 pm on March 19th, 2011

Might be worth tweeting a reminder in case they are twitter followers rather than usual followers of your blogs.
You might also want to consider my previous suggestion for a thread for comments on FRFP as all those lovely #FRFP tweet reviews are now too old to retrieve on twitter unless you retweeted them at the time.
I must also say how much I enjoyed Comic relief Only Connect and your lively appearance on This Week.  The feeling of ecstatic delight has yet to wear off.  It’s so uplifting to see you having a bit of fun.  I hope the much deserved positive feedback you have received has brought you much joy and encouragement too. x

James at 1:02 pm on March 23rd, 2011

Apologies for barging in on this forum with a completely unrelated question, but…

I’ve been reading the book (found it on the front table at One Tree Books in Petersfield, Hampshire - just thought you might be interested), and I’m enjoying it (even though some of the poker stuff might just as well be written about thermodynamics for all the understanding I have of it). Anyway, I’m digressing, what gave me pause for thought was a sentence on page 100: “My Fear of Flying counsellor has just been killed in a plane crash”. Now I don’t mean to trivialise what could be a traumatic incident, but surely that never happened…?

Ken Singtone at 6:38 pm on March 23rd, 2011

James, I wouldn’t want to prevent one of Victoria’s brilliant written responses, but if you prefer a TV interview this one is hard to beat.

palladian at 6:38 pm on March 23rd, 2011

As there’s nowhere to comment on the Guardian, I’ll take a guess here that your Manchester ‘Call me Rodin’ dude had a goodly but not great AhKh (top pair, top kicker and flushing) and had hoped his huge punt on the flop would kill the hand. Did he then fear a set and panic set in?

Alternatively he may have had a fair to middling pair (10-10 or J-J maybe) and had hoped that his overbet would be enough to see off anyone with K-x by representing A-K or an odd two pair: K-7? Weirder things have happened from the small blind.

Given that he seems to have been round long enough to get under your skin, I’m even guessing he might have had the winning K-K and was just scared to take his changes against the raiser with - either a strong but losing lower set or a chancer with the flush draw.

Kate Brennan at 11:11 pm on March 23rd, 2011

Didnt find a ‘FRFP’ blog/comment link.  Thank you 4 a most enjoyable book. Very appreciative memoir to poker, cards and gambling. I was taught card games & poker by my Grandma; she enjoyed gambling & often bet on horses-winning more than losing in very small odds & bets. When recently married, my Granddad was despatched to place bets on horses for her & his sister but didn’t place the bet in time & had to pay up-cos their horses won! He was a civil servant & was stymied by unusual lack of free time to do so…! There may be a term for this that you’ve learnt in your time? BTW, I got your book through ordering it at a library in Dublin. Hope you’re proud of that-no doubt you will be. And thanks for a wonderful read.

jim carr at 11:34 am on March 24th, 2011

in 1925 the man who invented the MOUSETRAP was tragically killed when he became stuck in a revolving door. He had been on an errand to WALMART to buy some cheese for his wife.

The Tim at 1:24 pm on March 24th, 2011

James, I know it did happen - she once mentioned it in a TV interview. Apparently when she told her father about it he laughed so much he dropped his phone in the swimming pool - but I’d better let her tell you herself. I think the interview’s on youtube.

Vicky, I hope you had a great time in Cardiff - wish I’d made it there myself.

James at 4:17 pm on March 29th, 2011

Thank you for the pointer to the youtube clip. Hope the counsellor didn’t have time to ponder the irony of the situation.

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