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Las Vegas day 2/3

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Played my first tournament today - the $2000 No Limit Holdem. It was the kind of starry table that reminds me I’m in Vegas not the Vic: I was sandwiched between Joe Sebok and Tiffany Michelle. Makes a change from Pedro and Mr Chu, anyway.

I’d like to bring you some satisfyingly barbed gossip, but I really liked both of them. I know there was some controversy around Tiffany Michelle at last year’s World Series but she’s sweet and funny; I warmed to her especially when I saw the preposterous blingy headphones she wears with her iPod. They’re brilliant and made me sort of love her.

  Tiffany actually knocked me out of the tournament - though I’d done most of the early damage myself, after betting three streets into someone who’d flopped quads. Probably not the most profitable move in all of poker.

  There’s a new tradition this year, where they make a formal presentation to whoever won a bracelet the day before, and play their National Anthem. I was very glad to be there the day after Roland de Wolfe won his bracelet - partly because I’m very happy for Roland, but also because watching the Americans around me stand up while a bizarre recorded choir sang God Save The Queen might be the oddest experience I’ve ever had in Las Vegas. And I’ve stayed at Excalibur. I think I might have shocked the Americans on my table by laughing during our National Anthem but it was also, genuinely, quite moving.

  Other things that have made me smile in Las Vegas this year:

John Duthie on route to the final of the $10,000 NLH heads-up final. If he wins a bracelet tomorrow, it really will be the greatest Series for years.

Tiffany Michelle’s headphones. She tells me they are available at

The Sweep forgetting to take his bankroll out of his pocket before going swimming, and having to dry it in the sun.

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David Young at 1:24 pm on June 16th, 2009

The Sweep managed to bock his money despite not having a single $50 bill in his roll. He’s pure class.

AndytheDealer at 10:20 pm on June 17th, 2009

Completely pissed off that John didn’t get a bracelet after winning the first leg in the final.  If you read this can you let him know that I am sure he will go one better next year!

C’mon Vicky show them how to play!

Victoria Coren

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