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Only Connect on BBC Two

Monday, 26 August 2013

Just heard that Only Connect specials will be screened all this week on BBC Two - Monday to Friday at 7.30pm!

  But be warned: if you’re a devotee of the quiz, these are specials that have previously been on BBC Four. And if you’ve never seen it before: these specials are at the absolute zenith of difficulty, most of them designed to tax former champions who are returning to play each other. For the viewers, it’s almost at comedy level, having watched a series of increasing difficulty, to watch some closing specials that are so absurdly challenging that it’s less about joining in than simply marvelling at the contestants who can answer this kind of thing.  The show isn’t normally that tough; a new series will be on BBC Four in the autumn, and begin as usual at a much more accessible level.

  Well… I say “much” more…

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jim carr at 10:03 am on August 27th, 2013

If the questions get any harder Victoria,you will end up with just two viewers, Stephen Hawking,and Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory”!

James at 11:49 pm on August 27th, 2013

Watched only con tonight, Too difficult for me. Victoria you looked so happy and my god so sexy. David is a very lucky man.

ashley martin at 7:23 pm on August 29th, 2013

can I have a date please

Bernhard at 1:19 pm on August 30th, 2013

Just watched the very biased edition broadcast on the 26/8/13 where the Epicureans, with a GP on the team, get the chance in round 2 to win extra 2 bonus points by correctly identifying the 1st major nerve in the body given the preceding 3. In addition, in the last round of identifying the major structures in the heart. No wonder their opponents walked away and left them to it. Well done Gamblers. I have now deleted this program from my viewing list.

Dawn at 10:30 pm on September 5th, 2013

Hi Victoria.
Read your column regularly in the guardian. Just wanted to say how.much i enjoy it and how you should be on the curriculum as an inspiration for all girls!  (sorry. sounds rather gushy).  wish i had yr skills with language.

Victoria Coren

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