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Sunday, 10 August 2008

This morning I’ve been reading Sion Jenkins’ prison memories in the News Of The World. He’s certainly got some fizzing anecdotes and plenty of star names in there; he’s like the David Niven of lifers.
“Harold Shipman was someone I could converse with”, Sion reveals in a sidebar. “We shared an interest in the English Civil War and would often have a cup of tea to discuss it.”
That’s a discussion I’d like to hear. If only the murderous medic hadn’t hanged himself, they could have made a great double act for the History Channel.
But I’m not sure that Sion Jenkins’ PR drive is going to have the effect he wants it to. I assume we’re supposed to go away thinking what a lovable, loving, learned fellow he is. Instead I’m going to have nightmares about him and Dr Shipman, hunched over a pot of Earl Grey, chuckling about the Battle of Naseby. It’s a more sinister image than anything else I’ve read in his entire case.

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