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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

If you’ve read the blog thread below this one - put up earlier today - and you enjoyed it, you might like this. By amazing synchronicity, it turns out that only yesterday The Sweep wrote his OWN nostalgic blog about Fremont Street! When I saw it, I literally had shivers of coincidence and telepathy.

  The tone of his memories, from longer ago but when things were much the same as my own first visits, is very similar to mine - though it’s a more detailed story and, I have to admit, better than my effort. Though he doesn’t have photos, ha! Because he’s not here. Come next year, H.

  The Sweep’s Blog

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JazBenz at 5:33 am on July 6th, 2011

I thought “telepathy!” before getting to you actually saying it.

Bear with me, what follows now is that “spiritual” side of me that likes to take over way too much:

The two of you sent all your sincere (most important part) emotions out to the universe and your spirit picked it up, accessing the energy field that holds all infinite thoughts and information of the entire universe, or something like that.

Which inspired both of you to write it around the same time.

Let’s hope humanity won’t evolve telepathically too much in the next 50 years, for the sake of poker.

I think we have all experienced, knowing something in our gut, even though by logic we simply cannot know and yet we do. Maybe there is a universal law that prohibits its use or slows it down when it comes to aquiring money.

AndytheDealer at 2:07 pm on July 6th, 2011

I’m with you Jaz, but try telling it to Prof Brian Cox and his mate on The Infinite Monkey Cage and they’ll shoot you down in flames fuelled with sarcasm.

There are a couple of really good players at the Vic who you’d normally expect to be at the WSoP.
They have decided that it’s not worth going because of all the downsides of being in Vegas in July.
I’ve always wanted to play in the tournament but probably never will.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea if someone set up a rival tournament to take place when it is actually pleasant to be in Vegas?  Couldn’t they even hold it downtown?  Perhaps call it the U.S. Masters of Poker or something similar.  Lets face it, holding the WSoP in July is really taking the piss out of poker players.  Almost like taking 20% out of the prizepool would be…

Joe Carr-Hill at 4:10 pm on July 7th, 2011

Thanks for the link - another great blog. I wish I kept playing poker after my early 90s dabble. I can’t even remember why I stopped playing. Vegas in the old days sounds great, and I’ll never REALLY know just how great. Ho-hum. That’s life.

psychofant at 4:27 pm on July 7th, 2011

well done victoria, your broadside against carole malone scored a direct hit, and holed, the NEWS OF THE WORLD below the waterline. now the Digger’s poisonous rag has sunk with barely a trace, just a bad smell remaining, doubtless Digger junior will make his other noxious organ, the SUN, a 7 days a week paper to compensate. so reload your guns and get ready for another pot-shot.

Jonathan at 7:32 pm on July 14th, 2011

You rock. Thought I’d better tell you that since there have only been 4 posts.

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