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A $40k cash; next stop Deauville

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Lots of poker in January. Victoria has just returned from the PCA tournament in the Bahamas, where she finished 30th out of 1386 runners for $40,000 (see blog for more details) and captained the British team in the World Cup of Poker.

Back for a few days, then it’s Deauville from January 19th, one of the most beautiful stops on the European Poker Tour, where Hercule Poirot took his holidays: twirling his moustaches, strolling on the beach, and wasting his investigative powers solving murders because the EPT hadn’t been invented yet.

  Also, Premier League Poker is now running on Channel 4, late on Monday or Tuesday nights; all VC’s hands seemed to have been edited out of the first episode, but she’ll probably crop up eventually.

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Victoria Coren

Photo: Anne Laymond

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