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Christmas Specials

Thursday, 1 December 2011

  Advent is here, and so is Heresy: one episode has gone out so far, and the series continues through December every Wednesday at 6.30pm on Radio Four. Check the blog on Tuesdays or Wednesdays if you’re curious to know the upcoming guests and topics.

  The Only Connect final will be on Monday, December 5th at 8.30pm on BBC Four. Will the Analysts or the Antiquarians be this year’s series champions?

  Once that has been decided, Only Connect will roar back the following Monday (December 12th) with a Wall Night Special! There are two episodes, at 8.30pm and 10pm on BBC Four, in which 16 returning teams from previous series play a special tournament of connecting walls only. All new walls, no repeat offenders there. But be warned: this is hardcore wall-quizzing. The first episode doesn’t stand on ceremony; it’s a fast and furious turnover of teams and walls, no time for pleasantries. But, even if your brain is exhausted by the pace, do tune back in for the concluding episode at 10pm, which moves at a gentler speed and features cameo appearances by some our favourite celebrity quizzers from the charity specials.

  Poker-wise: it is the tenth birthday of! There are plenty of celebratory special matches going on at the PokerStars website, all this month, but look out particularly for the Sunday Million on December 18th: it has a guaranteed prize pool of ten million dollars. That’s going to make someone’s Christmas…

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