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Closing Days For OC Visits….

Sunday, 1 February 2015

  Victoria will start the month in France playing the EPT poker tournament in Deauville. She’ll spend the rest of it completing filming work on an arts documentary series for broadcast on BBC Four later this year.

  On Friday, 13th February, VCM will be returning to Frank Skinner’s Room 101 (BBC One, 8.30pm) to reveal a second batch of things she doesn’t like - after ranting, on her previous visit, about gym nudity and hotel room windows that don’t open. This time, the fellow guests are Warwick Davis and Doctor Christian Jessen.

  24th February: the British Poker Awards and Victoria wins three (for Social Media User of the year, Performance of the year and Personality of the year, all for the 2014 poker season).

  Also, Victoria is starting a new role as GQ magazine’s resident agony aunt: the column launches in the March issue, out February.

  Only Connect continues on Monday nights at 8.30 on BBC Two - and you have until February 9th to SUBMIT AN APPLICATION if you might want to have a go at the quiz yourself. Details in this blog post.

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Victoria Coren

Photo: Anne Laymond

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