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Friday, 1 May 2009

Heresy continues on Radio 4, 6.30pm on Tuesday nights.

May 5th should be an intriguing episode: guests David Mitchell, Euan Ferguson and Tanya Gold grapple with the thorny issue of Gary Glitter…

On May 12th, it’s a trio of comedians: Dave Gorman, Sue Perkins and Jeremy Hardy take on students, swimming with dolphins and celebrity adoption. There are some truly great jokes from the guests in that show.

And Heresy comes to an end on May 19th with the return of brilliant Euan Ferguson & David Mitchell, plus the heroic Clive James, to juggle with snow, Wikipedia and Lewis Hamilton. Now there’s an act for Britain’s Got Talent.

  Other than that, VC will be holed up finishing her book, or running away to South America, whichever seems safest.


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Victoria Coren

Photo: Anne Laymond

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