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Long Nights With Sweets

Thursday, 1 September 2011

  Looking at the calendar, it seems to be WCOOP o’clock. The World Championship of Online Poker runs from September 4th - 25th on PokerStars. Victoria will be playing several of these events, stocking up on DVDs and carrot sticks (and possibly sweets) for long hours of online poker action - happening, this year, at far more sociable hours for Europe. Some events start at 11 in the morning. It’ll be all grown up, like having a proper job. One that starts at 11 in the morning.

  Update, September 3rd: Victoria wins ‘Best Social Media User’ at the 2011 British Poker Awards! A big surprise to anyone familiar with Victoria’s knowledge of technology. She can barely use a tin-opener.
  Note, this award can’t possibly be for activity on Facebook, which VC uses only to play Scrabble with people she sees every Tuesday anyway and never gets round to answering messages, but you can enjoy her succinct and award-winning summaries of poker tournaments (“Bored, bored, no hands, where’s the waitress?”) on Twitter.

  Update, September 8th: Victoria has cashed in four WCOOP events so far, for a total of $5,982. For full details, see the box at the bottom of the blog thread titled “Honesty Box” which will be updated throughout the series.

  The new series of Only Connect continues on BBC Four every Monday at 8.30pm.

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