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New ‘Only Connect’ - Mondays at 8.30pm on BBC Four

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year, new Connect! Series 3 of the world’s hardest quiz show begins on Monday January 4th at 8.30pm on BBC Four (straight after University Challenge on BBC 2 if you fancy the quizzing double.) Kicking off with The Music Lovers versus The Archers Admirers, the series continues every Monday at the same time.

In a generally dumbed-down television landscape, Victoria Coren’s panel quiz stands tall: serious, free of gimmicks and downright hard.” - Sunday Times

A welcome return for the stimulating yet soothing quiz with Victoria Coren that’s like an oasis of calm in the week’s schedules.  No fancy set, bombastic voiceover or gimmicks here - just two teams muttering and conferring as they try to work out the final item in a sequence or fill in the vowels of a word puzzle.” - Radio Times

If you’re tired of quiz shows that make sense, try this.” - Daily Mail

Baffling to many, but must-see cult viewing for a few.” - The Times.

VC will be also be a guest on Jon Ronson’s radio show, Radio 4 at 11pm on Tuesday January 5th.

Otherwise, she will be away playing poker for much of January, starting with the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in Nassau, which this year offers an incredible 50 events in the Bahamian sunshine. Victoria will play the main event and the $5k Heads Up, then possibly some extra side events or possibly some swimming with dolphins. Later in January she will be embracing the slightly chillier but equally exciting Deauville EPT in Northern France - there’s still time to win your seat for that tournament on the PokerStars website.

  Good luck, and happy New Year.

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Victoria Coren

Photo: Anne Laymond

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