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Old Connects and Fresh Heresies

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

From the beginning of June, the first series of Only Connect will be repeated every weeknight (except Fridays) at 7.30pm on BBC 4. If you started watching this fiendishly difficult quiz during the most recent series (three), this is a chance to catch up with the early shows.

  Never missed a Connect and want something new? Heresy runs until June 23rd, every Wednesday at 6.30pm on Radio 4. Victoria is the host and the line-ups are:

June 2nd: DAVE GORMAN, POLLY VERNON and DAVID BADDIEL debate Ashley Cole, British comedy and catwalk fashion.

June 9th: MARK STEEL, RICHARD HERRING and JANET STREET-PORTER debate sport, posh MPs and sexy weather forecasters.

June 16th: MATTHEW NORMAN, DAVID SCHNEIDER and DAVID MITCHELL debate TV, edible pets and Twitter.

June 23rd: CLIVE ANDERSON, RUFUS HOUND and FERN BRITTON debate piracy, celebrity chefs and Jordan’s marriage.

  But what about, you might ask, the World Series of Poker? Not til July, not til July… Like those watching Only Connect for the first time this month, Victoria is joining the party late.

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Victoria Coren

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