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Special Time

Thursday, 1 March 2012

  March is a special time. Not just because the daffodils come out and it feels like spring, but because there’s an Only Connect special due any minute. This is the episode in aid of Sport Relief, which will be broadcast on Monday March 19th (a few days before the main BBC appeal night) in our usual slot of 8.30pm on BBC Four.

  The glittering teams are:


Mark Gatiss
Samira Ahmed
Nick Hornby (captain)



Stephen Mangan
Allison Pearson
Ian Hislop (captain)

  Victoria will be adjudicating with delight as these excellent quizzers do battle; hope you enjoy the episode and please do give something to Sport Relief if you can possibly afford to.

  Also in March: on Sunday 11th at 3pm, Victoria will be joining a panel discussion about women in television at the South Bank Centre in London, to mark International Women’s Day.

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Victoria Coren

Photo: Anne Laymond

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